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Discover the difference between occurrence-based and claims-made policies in liability insurance. Learn why timing matters in your coverage.

What Is an Occurrence-Based Policy vs. a Claims-Made Policy?

A liability insurance policy helps pay for expenses related to a loss suffered by another person or business that occurred on your property or because of your negligence, error or omission. It covers your legal defense, as well as any costs you must pay to remediate the damage you caused. Some liability policies will even pay for reputation recovery or other crisis response. But all of that depends on whether you have coverage for the claim at the time it’s made. Let’s look at the two main types of liability coverage: occurrence-based and claims-made.

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Is D&O insurance necessary for small businesses? Find out why protecting your business from lawsuits is essential for your company's success.

Even Home-Based Businesses Need D&O

If you run your business from home, you may think directors and officers (D&O) insurance isn’t necessary. However, the size and location of your business aren’t what determines the need for protection or the amount of coverage you need. If you have employees, or work with vendors, companies or investors who could sue your leadership for failure to perform, you should discuss D&O coverage with your insurance professional.

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Find out why D&O insurance is crucial for businesses of all sizes. Protect your assets and minimize financial risks.

Does Your Start-Up Need D&O Coverage?

Whether you have a small business or a venture capital start-up, you need to identify what risks your company faces and what insurance coverage you need to protect your business and personal financial interests. While most businesses benefit from an insurance adviser, there are some points you should understand to make well-informed decisions. This is especially important when it comes to protecting your leadership and enterprise from a catastrophic loss of assets.

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Discover the importance of EPLI for your business. Protect yourself from the financial risks of work-related lawsuits with employment practices liability insurance.

What Is EPLI, and Why Is It Important to Your Business?

Work-related lawsuits are on the rise, and a single claim against your company could be financially devastating if you’re not adequately insured. Employment practices liability insurance (EPLI) protects employers from the costs of allegations of wrongful acts arising from the employment process. These allegations can include discrimination, sexual harassment, and hiring or firing actions.

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Dependent life insurance helps fill the gaps for funeral expenses and lost income when a family member who does not earn much income dies.

What Kind of Dependent Life Insurance is Right for You?

When people think of “life insurance,” they generally think of a policy that pays out upon the death of a family’s primary earner. But losses (like funeral expenses) are also incurred when someone else in the family dies, even if that person didn’t earn much or any income. Dependent life insurance can help fill these gaps.

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Having life insurance is a smart choice. Understand different types of policies and be aware of the death benefit.

Life Insurance 101

Life insurance provides invaluable protection for your family in the event of your death. It ensures the ones you care about can continue to support themselves financially when you are gone. Yet a recent study by the Life Insurance Marketing and Research Association revealed that more than half of Americans do not have an individual life insurance policy, and 30% have no life insurance at all.

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Secure your family's financial future. Learn how to determine the amount of life insurance that is right for your family.

How to Calculate the Right Amount of Life Insurance

Life insurance is a vital investment to protect your loved ones if you pass away. It pays more than just
funeral expenses; it helps protect your family’s financial future. That’s why you can choose a wide range of death benefits, from around $100,000 to over $1 million. The higher the death benefit you choose, the higher your life insurance premium will be.

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