Cathy Lilio

Managing Agent

Cathy Lilio grew up in Calhoun County and attended Welborn High School. She has been working in insurance for 14 years and is the manager of the Aligned Insurance Jacksonville office (formerly Calhoun County Insurance Center). She is licensed in Life, health, and property and casualty insurance.
Cathy has served on the Calhoun County Chamber of Commerce and been on the business expo committee for 9 years. She has volunteered with Taste of Calhoun County for 9 years, and is the president of the Calhoun County Achievement Foundation. She has been the head of the Jacksonville Christian Outreach Center’s annual Toyland for 2 years, and has volunteered with their Spirit on Mountain Street for 8 years.
Cathy has been a resident of Weaver in Calhoun County for several years with her husband and 5 kids, and will continue to serve Aligned Insurance in Jacksonville for years to come.

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