Ensure your business is protected against employee lawsuits with employment practices liability insurance (EPLI).

Lawsuits against businesses for employment-related acts are on the rise. Sexual harassment, discrimination, wrongful termination and retaliation are just a few of the high-profile complaints employers face.

Could your company survive a costly high-profile lawsuit?

Defending such cases can cost your firm tens of thousands of dollars, and a full resolution could take years.

Employment practices liability insurance (EPLI) protects your company from costly litigation. EPLI compensates you for losses from employee lawsuits, as well as third-party claims by customers and vendors.

General liability insurance does not cover employment practices complaints. You need EPLI for these risks.

What EPLI covers

  • Wrongful terminations     
  • Discrimination
  • Sexual harassment     
  • Retaliation
  • Defamation and libel     
  • Invasions of privacy
  • Misrepresentations
  • Failures to promote
  • Employment contract breaches  
  • Negligent evaluations
  • Benefit mismanagement     
  • Violations of leave laws

EPLI helps pay for court costs and legal fees if you are sued, subject to the limits in your policy. An experienced insurance broker who knows the EPLI market can advise you about appropriate limits for your type of business and the size of your company.

Types of policies

Additional coverages

The following coverages are available by optional endorsement:

Other benefits of EPLI

An employment practices claim could be a ticking time bomb waiting to blow apart your company. Reach out to learn more about the various ways we can cover your employment practices liability exposures.